Wood school furnishings with a sustainable history


When you choose school furnishings made of wood, you are choosing an exceptional, natural material. The wood is easy to shape and process according to your specific needs. Wood is also in harmony with our climate, and there is plenty of it. However, the origin of the wood is important.

How can you know if the wood used for your school furnishings is sourced locally? Well, our certification guarantees this. We exclusively use chipboards from the only factory in Denmark with a high regeneration percentage – which actually exceeds 70%. The chipboards are FSC-certified, and for a small extra cost, you can choose chipboards with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


Svane Certifikat Web  2018 2023 Epa Carb Certifikat 512901 En Issue 4 Web  


Wood is in harmony with our climate

But wood releases CO2 when it rots or burns, you might say. That may be true, but the wood absorbed the exact same amount of CO2 while it was growing. For this reason, ST Skoleinventar uses chipboards consisting largely of recycled wood, and this leads to an even better CO2 balance. To us, this makes sense.

Bacteria do not actually thrive in wood

Many people believe that bacteria love living in wood. But, technological studies tell a different story: Bacteria do not generally thrive in wood compared to other materials. So, when your organic vegetables are delivered in wooden boxes, this is not necessarily just for show.

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