Eco-friendly choice of materials and production

We consider the environment in our choice of mate­rials and product manufacturing. As much as possible, products and components must be made environmentally friendly. Requirements related to the environment are imposed upon our suppliers, with the goal of being able to arrive at a complete environmental­ declaration.

When manufacturing new products, we choose the best materials, accessories and production­ methods, from an environmental perspective, in order to minimise the environmental­ impact. We believe the environmental aspects of our products are just as important as the functional and design aspects.

Reuse of scrap wood

As the only company in the business, we uphold to use Danish produced chipboards with a 70% share of regenerated wood. The chipboards are produced by scrap wood from the Danish woods and the timber- and furniture industry.

By using chipboards made of recycled scrap wood, ST Skoleinventar contributes to reduce the energy consumption and extend the life cycle of trees.

Eco-friendly advice

One classroom can be significantly more environmentally friendly than another. Interior design solutions, technology, choice of materials, and age of the facility and equipment can be critical factors in regard to energy consumption and the environment. We provide advice so that you can make the right decisions.