Danish quality

Our solutions are manufactured and assembled at our own factory in Denmark. The factory’s regional location guarantees consistent high quality for the customer as well as high reliability of delivery, repeat order guarantee and service. Production can quickly and easily be changed to accommodate new materials and varying product line dimensions.

Large capacity

The factory consists of 7,500 square metre factory grounds. The production facilities are updated with new machines as well as an optimised work and material flow, so that production can be carried out as efficiently as possible. Within the last couple of years, we have also successfully implemented LEAN in production.

We have chosen to manufacture in Denmark because it grants us optimal security in relation to flexibility and it results in high and consistent production quality. It offers reliability and precision of delivery - to the benefit of our customers.

Effective strategic sourcing

Apart from our own production of essential components of the product range, we cooperate with a number of national and international subcontractors, all of which are capable of delivering products and components of the same high quality that is demanded by ST Skoleinventar and our customers.

High production quality

All our products are manufactured with a focus on functionality, design, ergonomics, environment and a long lifetime.