Fume cupboards

Fume cupboards

For the past 70 years, ST Skoleinventar has provided fume cupboards for the science classrooms.

ST Skoleinventar offers high-quality, functional fume cupboards that protect the students and increase the safety of the room. 

The fume cupboard has been designed with a sloping front in order to give the operator the best ergonomical working position. The front operating panel, where valves, switches and sockets outlets are placed, can be positioned horizontal for working while standing, or vertical for working while seated.

The fume cupboard has been tested according to EN 14175, part 2-3 and tested for tracer gas with safety factor >40. The fume cupboard is furthermore tested for chemical emission and an inner light intensity of 800 lux. The fume cupboard is tested and approved with a maximum noise level of 40 dB at an air flow of 0.5 m/sec. measured in the sash opening (working space in opening of 500 mm).

Additional choices are available:

Tracer gas analysis (for final certification of the fume cupboard)
Control system
Motor operated valve