SchoolWing® Connect

SCHOOLWING® CONNECT is the solutions for schools in need of flexibility and space in the specialised classrooms 

The unique, ceiling-suspended system and design principle provide the users with the optimal use of the space at the individual workstations. Students are able to work freely and unhampered with equipment of all sizes and setups. 

The Concept

The design of SchoolWing® Connect ensures easy ceiling and wall installation. The special designed suspension mount gives SchoolWing® Connect an unique stability and SchoolWing® Connect can be adjusted to the specific height required by the users.

In addition, the light and open design of SchoolWing provides optimal light and working environment in your classroom.

Plug & play

SchoolWing® Connect puts no restrictions on piping of the electricity, gas and water. All media are integrated, and the outlets are easily accessible to users. Quick connect couplers provide flexibility and makes it possible for the students to get the necessary variety of gas, water and electricity outlets. The Plug & Play solution is ideal in a dynamic specialised classroom, where flexibility, efficiency and safety are in focus.

Dance floor

With a flexible and efficient layout of the tables, you can quickly make the necessary room for the equipment and set-ups, when the need arises. We call this concept Dance Floor.

The workstations are designed with a focus on safety. Compared to other similar tables, the SchoolWing® Connect tables have a strong frame, which provides weight and consequently a more stable base for experiments.


When the students have left the specialised classroom, power supplies and extractor arms are stored in a mobile storage rack.

Download brochure Scoolwing® Connect here (DANISH)