Smart Learning Solutions

ST Skoleinventar has developed the concept of Smart Learning Solutions® for the redevelopment of science rooms in the future learning environments of Europe.

This was because ST Skoleinventar was often approached by subject teachers because over the last 50 years science rooms (physics/chemistry) have not developed for the benefit of students, teachers and owners, both from an educational as well as a practical and economic standpoint.

Historically, most science rooms have been designed around a relatively old conservative system, with fixed benches and fixed installations for electricity, water, gas and ventilation. This also means that the rooms are restricted to teaching within a specific subject area, and stand empty about 66 % of the time. This is outdated, inflexible and uneconomical and expensive to maintain.

The introduction of Smart Learning Solutions® will achieve significantly better teaching, opportunities for Student to Student Learning, better teaching, better utilization, better economy and last but not least happier students, providing well-being, motivation, interdisciplinary tasks across all ages, and education across institutions and continents.

Smart Learning Solutions® consists of the following concepts:

ST SchoolWing® Connect
ST Air Cube
ST Wing Buddy
ST GoPro camera
ST Mobile unit
This total package creates a science room where all the installations are located in the ceiling and, once specialist teaching has finished, the room becomes a "dance floor" that can be used freely for other subjects.

ST Air Cube with the attached ST GoPro camera can be used to provide distance learning with neighbouring schools and twin towns, or a guest teacher can be invited in via the school's WiFi system to comment and give good advice on the day's teaching from the test bench.

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