Fume cupboard servicing

ST Skoleinventar offers fume cupboard servicing performed by our own service technicians. ST Skoleinventar Service can perform all necessary tests and all relevant service. We thus offer our customers professional and dedicated servicing performed by trained, experienced and qualified service technicians.

Regular fume cupboard servicing is important in order to ensure that the required safety standards are being upheld, with satisfactory and regular operation.


Servicing a fume cupboard can include air measurements, cleaning, repairs, retrofitting, installation, moving and disposal. A normal service inspection of a fume cupboard takes 1-2 hours, depending on the age and operational condition of the fume cupboard. During the service visit, the equipment’s and furniture’s operational condition and status is documented in a maintenance control / classification report. If the unit needs to be repaired or if we recommend repairs, we will let you know and present a cost estimate.

With a service agreement, the customer can be sure that the fume cupboards:

• Adhere to the statutory requirements - health and safety in the special-subject rooms

• Work optimally - minimising energy use

• Have a longer lifetime - saving costs

• Have a high quality of use - offering safety at work

• The user is optimally protected