Adult education centre - furniture and fixtures

- Adult Continuing Education VUC, EUD, HF, AVU and teacher education.

Inspiring furniture solutions for adult education

Every year, the country's educational institutions accommodate many thousands of students who are taught subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and visual arts. It places great demands on the quality and durability of the professional premises' furniture.

At ST Skoleinventar, you have the opportunity to choose the right interior design from our broad standard program or as a special solution that - based on the physical framework and teaching conditions - is adapted to your premises.

Competent advice

With more than 70 years of experience, we can advise and ensure you the best interior design solution. Our consultants, who consist of architects, engineers, building designers and interior design consultants, each have their areas of competence. Therefore, we can provide the best advice on the overall interior design solution, which ensures the durability, functionality and security of your teaching rooms.