After-school care centre furniture solutions and interior design

Sustainable framework for children's leisure with space for play and development

The after-school care schemes accommodate many children, and it is therefore absolutely crucial that the furniture can withstand the hard wear and tear. SFO furniture from ST Skoleinventar is adapted to the hard wear and forms a durable framework for our children's leisure time. With the right interior design of an SFO and the right furniture, the well-being of children and adults gets a boost.

Our standard program, which can be adapted to your needs, consists of:

  • Height-adjustable workplaces
  • Storage solutions
  • Staff lockers
  • Children’s wardrobes
  • Kitchenette for the staff
  • Standard kitchens with/without base platform extensions

With ST Skoleinventar, you get furniture that lives up to your requirements for quality and durability and which will be the cornerstone of a functional environment for both the children and staff.  

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