Lockers for schools


At ST Skoleinventar, we provide furnishing solutions that are durable and can withstand many different users.

Among other things, we supply:

  • Wire shelves with a carrying capacity of 40 or 70 kg
  • The option for a carcase in high pressure laminate with sealed edges
  • The market’s strongest hinges, tested at 150 kg
  • Lockable lockers with different types of locks for the individual users

With ST Skoleinventar, you get a furnishing solution that lives up to your requirements for quality and for durability which will be the cornerstone of a functional environment for your students for many years to come.

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Lockers for the school

The right lockers for your school are not just a matter of how much they can hold and how many shelves there are. No, it is also about the height and depth, whether there are several continuous cabinets, whether it should be easy to move - or stand firmly.

With color on the lockers - or inside, there is the opportunity to create extra life and creativity at your school. In this way, "simple" school furniture can help push on different processes - both in children and adults. Processes that increase well-being and happiness; processes that facilitate both work and schooling.

At ST Skoleinventar, we like to be part of the previous steps. We like to help advise, present different solutions and find the right shelf for the wardrobe.