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If you need furniture solutions for your day care institution, we are ready to help you find the right quality and appearance. At ST Skoleinventar, we have years of experience with the right decor and the right furniture that suits your institution, children and adults.

It is important not to compromise on quality when dealing with people. Institutional furniture places a natural demand on quality and we can meet the expectations at ST Skoleinventar.


- makes requirements for strength, durability and safety

In kindergartens, secured institutions and SFOs, children must have room to unfold under safe conditions. The furniture must be able to withstand being used by many children for many years.

Our institutional furniture and solutions, whether for kindergartens, secured institutions or SFOs, are intended for both adults and children. The furniture is complete, ready for fun and play - and to be trusted. We supply furniture and fixtures that suit those who use them.

At ST Skoleinventar, you have the opportunity to choose the right interior design from our furniture program - from standard cabinets and mattress cabinets to children's wardrobes and kitchenettes.


With more than 70 years of experience, we can advise you and ensure the best interior design solution for your institution. Our consultants, who consist of architects, engineers, building designers and interior design consultants, each have their areas of competence. Therefore, we can provide the best advice on the overall interior design solution, which ensures your institution's durability, functionality and safety.